Project Description

The Regeneration  Game

You are invited to join us in playing the Regeneration Game as part of our Margate Reimagined exhibiton which is currently on display at Ramsay & Williams in Margate.

The game will be played at The Margate School, 31-33 Margate High Street CT9 1DX. Saturday 29th April from 2.30pm-5.30pm.
No booking necessary, but it would be appreciated if you can let us know.

The Regeneration Game uses chance to create a string of alternative narratives about key sites in the host town, village or city. With these narratives decided, participants use simple & playful model making techniques to imagine the buildings and/or landscapes which might have resulted.

The Regeneration game was originally developed as part of our Margate Reimagined project and run at Turner Contemporary and the Shop Front. It has subsequently developed into a stand alone workshop. We were invited to deliver the workshop as part of the Folkestone Triennial 2021 programme.

To give you an idea of how this works, here’s the story to the image above. First the narrative is decided by the role of a dice;

[🎲 roles 6] The Leas Lift is redeveloped after … [🎲 roles 4] suffering structural problems. The decision is made to turn the site into … [🎲 roles 3] council offices for the new East Kent Unitary Authority plus … [roles 6] public toilets to satisfy a section 106 agreement from the outgoing district council.

Then the player decides how this is manifested; a large office tower is erected on the Leas to be visible from the French coast. The funicular railway is refurbished and turned into consultation rooms for councillor’s surgeries, with the cars colour coded by party affiliation. Plush new public toilets are provided at the base of the cliff to celebrate the new council’s commitment to public service.

The game rules prepared for the Folkestone edition.

The images above are from the first edition of the Regeneration Game, held as part of Margate Reimagined / The Margate Fesival.